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Test your Amateur Radio general knowledge with the following questions:

1. From where does the name of the ‘balun’ transformer derive?
2. Which country has the international prefix ‘YC’?
3. What is the UK 70MHz band also known as?
4. What amateur radio callsign did King Hussain of Jordan hold?
5. Which four letters can be used for the first letter in a US amateur radio callsign?
6. What is the name given to the layer of insulation between the centre conductor and the braid of a coaxial cable?
7. What famous insurrection was led by the great-great-great-grandfather of Tom, VP6TC?
8. How many watts is equivalent to 20dBW?
9. What proportion of the world’s radio amateurs are Japanese?
10. In which year was the first amateur radio satellite launched?
11. Spell Marconi’s first name.
12. Until recently, what material was used for the construction of an ‘egg insulator’?
13. What is the name of the area of the atmosphere that makes long-distance shortwave radio communications possible by bending radio waves?
14. What does EMC stand for?
15. Who holds the callsign WD4SKT?
16. Approximately how long is the ‘average’ sunspot cycle?
17. Under UK licence conditions, when you are having a long period of transmission, how often should you give your callsign?
18. What secondary indicator (second letter) should a radio club station use in its callsign, in Guernsey, when sending non-licensed greetings messages?
19. What event was commemorated on 12 December 2001?
20. Which class or classes of UK amateur radio licence are permitted to operate on a vessel in international waters?
21. What is the UK FM calling frequency on the 2 metre band?
22. Car batteries give off which gas when charging?
23. Why does a ‘repeater’ need a frequency offset?
24. Under UK licence conditions, what is the minimum length of time that the station log must be retained, from the date of last entry?
25. How many countries (DXCC entities) must you have confirmed contacts with to qualify for the basic DXCC certificate?
26. What is the international prefix for Bermuda?
27. How many radio amateurs are there worldwide?
28. What class of UK amateur licence is represented by the callsign 2E0ABC?
29. What is the morse character for a ‘comma’?
30. Which Greek letter is used to denote a wavelength?

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