G4FAL QSL Card 2002






V4/G4FAL and V47CD


I will be operating again this year from St Kitts in the Caribbean from Thursday 12 March to Tuesday 17 March 2009. During the trip I will be active in the RSGB Commonwealth Contest with the callsign V47CD.


The RSGB Commonwealth Contest is for British Commonwealth Countries and Mandated Territories only - see the RSGB HF Contest Website  for full details and contest rules. The contest coincides with the British Commonwealth Day. If you are eligible to participate then please call, I would love to work you. Otherwise please call outside the contest.

I will have no Internet access during the trip.


How to QSL

Please QSL:

either via the bureau putting G4FAL as QSL manager,

Or QSL direct to the address below, sending a self-addressed envelope and one IRC or US$2 to cover the cost of postage:


Nick Totterdell, G4FAL

35 Meadow Bank Avenue


S7 1PB



G4FAL, V4/G4FAL, V47CD and 7Q7NT logs are sent to LoTW so if you only want confirmation for DXCC then please don't send your QSL.



I operated from Blantyre in the south of Malawi, using the callsign 7Q7NT, between 13 and 30 August 2003. Operation was on 40, 30, 20 and 15 metres, both on SSB and CW.

I used an FT897 with a 40 metre dipole and a doublet wire aerial.


Contacts were as listed below:

40m CW 204
30m CW 178
20m CW 558
20m SSB 207
17m CW 1
15m CW 57
15m SSB 221
Total QSOs 1,426


Photos from Malawi


Equipment packed ready for trip to Malawi



Have a go at the QUIZ that was recently attempted by Sheffield Amateur Radio Club members.


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