G4FAL QSL Card 2002







If you would like to experiment with my logging and cw software then please feel free to download this code. You will need to download both programs.


Download G4FAL Contest Logging (Version 3.7.0 dated 18/01/08 - fix to callsign repeat)

Download G4FAL CW (Version 2.4.0 dated 15/04/2009 - including support for Winkey)


This is pretty simple logging code and doesn't do lots of fancy stuff that other packages do. It doesn’t do the following:

  • Talk to your radio
  • Keep a running score
  • Calculate any score in fact - if you have MS Access 2000 or newer you can copy into Excel and calculate your score
  • Confuse you with partial-check (if I only had a £1 for everyone who had come back to me as MU0FAL)
  • Tell you if it is daylight or night outside
  • Track your multipliers
  • Allow multiple PCs
  • Give you any help!
  • Do any data modes stuff
  • Cost anything

On the other hand I find it much easier to use than the packages where you have to learn all the Function key functions, etc.

And it will do some good stuff:

  • Allow you to maintain a 'Main Log' by importing and exporting individual contest logs in ADIF - from other packages too
  • Print QSL labels to 21 A4 sized label sheets
  • Send CW through a serial port (or USB serial adapter) using a transistor switch off the DTR connection to key the radio. A typical circuit is shown at http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/cw.html or www.aa5au.com/rttyinterface.html (CW Circuit).
  • CW has normal and fast speeds, to annoy others.
  • Automatically send ROPOCO 'exchange out' as copy of your previous 'exchange in'
  • CW 'Enter Key' contest only operation - great until something abnormal happens, when an Function key must be used
  • Tell you what the function keys do - not expect you to remember them
  • Check for dupes in whatever format is required (none allowed, once per band, once per band/mode, and allowed)
  • Store macros for CW in text files, so you can reload your carefully compiled contest responses
  • Automatically repair and compress its databases on opening - so your precious main log is backed up every time
  • Create Cabrillo Files. And don't ask me what I think of the Cabrillo specification!! It's enough to say that this software currently produces 13 variants of this 'Standard' format.
  • Create ADIF files but without the header section - ideal for LOTW or for appending your contest log to your main log
  • It should work with 98, 2000, XP and Vista. Please let me know if it doesn't.

To install:

  • UnZip the two downloaded files into two separate folders of your choosing
  • First install the G4FAL CW program by running 'Setup.exe'. This should put a new directory called "G4FAL CW" into your chosen program directory - usually C:\program files\
  • When the install is completed then run the G4FAL CW program from the Start Menu
  • When you are bored of it then exit the G4FAL CW program
  • Install the Contest Logging program, following the same procedure
  • When the Contest Logging Program is running, you can link it to the G4FAL CW program by clicking on 'Link to CW'

If you find the software interesting then please send me your comments. If there is enough interest I will add a comprehensive 'help' facility. Within reason I am willing to improve the software - the next big step will be to upgrade from VB6 to VB.Net - what a joy to look forward to!



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